About Us

About Us

We at the Electronic Circuits team have a great mission, which is to explore the potential that exists within each one of us, always bringing news in the fantastic world of electronics and sharing this knowledge with everyone. 

Our goal is to bring a complete exchange of knowledge, from an electronics beginner to engineers, designers, electronics technicians, amateurs. 

We understand that the more we distribute knowledge, the more we contribute to the growth and development of projects that help to develop the highest technologies, and that is why we share this knowledge with the whole enthusiastic community. 

Our focus is on assembling embedded electronic circuits such as ESPs, Arduinos, PLCs, power electronics, amplifiers, power supply, automation, IoT, etc. 

We are constantly posting and updating our content and, with great effort, we always seek to deliver new content constantly. If you need to contact us, we have the CONTACT page on our menu. 

Thank you. Enjoy.