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5W Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit using TEA2025 IC + PCB

In this article, we show you how to build a simple and portable 5W stereo audio amplifier using the TEA 2025 Integrated Circuit.

This circuit built based on TEA2025 IC which is a monolithic integrated audio amplifier in a 16-pin plastic dual in line package manufactured by UTC

The circuit has Internal Thermal Protector. It is designed for portable cassette players, mp3 players and radios. 

You can also use it as your smartphone or PC audio amplifier. This circuit requires 9V power supply to work, you may use a power supply circuit with output 9V 500mA DC current or a 9V lead acid battery.


  • The power supply voltage range is from 3V to 15V.
  • Working Voltage down to 3V
  • Few External components
  • Dual or Bridge Connection Modes
  • High Channel isolation
  • Very low switch On/Off Noise
  • Voltage gain up to 45dB(Adjustable with external resistor)
  • Soft clipping
  • Internal Thermal protection

Working Explanation

This amplifier, in the configuration presented in this article, is 2 channels, has an output power of 2.5 watts per channel.

For those who want to use a single channel, you can be using it in bridge mode, and you will have an output power of 5W.

Input Capacitor

The input capacitor is PNP type, allowing the source to be referenced to ground. In this way, no input coupling capacitor is required. 

However, a series capacitor (0.22 uF)to the input side can be useful in case of noise due to variable resistor contact.


The bootstrap connection allows increasing the output swing. The suggested value for the bootstrap capacitors (100uF) avoids a reduction of the output signal also at low frequencies and low supply voltages.

This amplifier in this 2-channel configuration, has an output power of 2.5 watts per channel, and you may be using it in bridge mode, and you will have an output of 5W.

Power supply

The power supply is direct current, "Vdc", the voltage supported by this amplifier is up to 15V, with a peak current of 1.5 amps.

The voltage input pin is located on pin 16 of  TEA2025 IC, while pins 4, 5, 9, 13, 12 are grounded to GND.


  • Electronic Instruments
  • PC sound speaker
  • Home theater systems
  • Hi-fi electronic gadgets and devices
  • Robotics applications 
  • Children’s gadgets and toys, etc.

In Figure 1 below, we show the complete 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit using TEA2025 IC, and that you can download the files in option; Download files below at the bottom of the page.

Fig. 1 - Schematic 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit using TEA2025 IC

Components List

  • U1 ................................ TEA2025 Integrated circuit

  • R1, R2 ......................... 10K resistor (brown, black, orange, gold)

  • C1, C2 ......................... 0.47uF ceramic, polyester capacitor 
  • C3, C4, C5, C6, C9 ..... 100uF electrolytic capacitor
  • C7, C11 ....................... 470uF electrolytic capacitor
  • C8, C10 ....................... 0.15uF ceramic, polyester capacitor 

  • P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 ....... Screw Terminal Type 5mm 2-Pin Connector
  • Others ......................... PCB, tin, wires, etc.

PCB - Download

We provide the files with the PCB, the schematic, the PDF, GERBER and JPG, PNG and provide a direct link for free download and a direct link, "MEGA".

Fig. 2 - 5W Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit using TEA2025

Click on the direct link to download the files: Layout PCB, PDF, GERBER, JPG

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