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Adjustable Switching Power Supply 5.1 to 40V, 2.5 Amp using L4960 + PCB

Fig. 1 - Adjustable Switching Power Supply 5.1 to 40V, 2.5 Amp using L4960

In this article, we present an adjustable power supply with a stabilized output that varies from 5.1 to 40V, with a current of 2.5 amps

This one can also have its stabilized voltage fixed, everything will depend on the type of project you are going to use.

The adjustable power supply is based on IC L4960 which is a monolithic power switching regulator IC, delivering 2.5A at a voltage variable from 5V to 40V in step down configuration.

Features of the device include current limiting, soft start, thermal protection and 0 to 100% duty cycle for continuous operation mode.

The complete schematic diagram of the power supply is shown below in Figure 2, it is a simple but complete power supply.

Fig. 2 - Schematic Adjustable Switching Power Supply 5.1 to 40V, 2.5 Amp using L4960


The L4960 is a monolithic step down switching regulator providing output voltages from 5.1V to 40V and delivering 2.5A.

The regulation loop consists of a sawtooth oscillator, error amplifier, comparator and the output stage. An error signal is produced by comparing the output voltage with a precise 5.1V on-chip reference (zener zap trimmed to ± 2%).

This error signal is then compared with the sawtooth signal to generate the fixed frequency pulse width modulated pulses which drive the output stage.

The gain and frequency stability of the loop can be adjusted by an external RC network connected to pin 3. 

Closing the loop directly gives an output voltage of 5.1V. Higher voltages are obtained by inserting a voltage divider.

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Output overcurrent at switch on are prevented by the soft start function. The error amplifier output is initially clamped by the external capacitor Css and allowed to rise, linearly, as this capacitor is charged by a constant current source. Output overload protection is provided in the form of a current limiter.

The load current is sensed by an internal metal resistor connected to a comparator. When the load current exceeds a preset threshold this comparator sets a flip flop which disables the output stage and discharges the soft start capacitor. 

A second comparator resets the flip flop when the voltage across the soft start capacitor has fallen to 0.4V.

The output stage is thus re-enabled and the output voltage rises under control of the soft start network.

If the overload condition is still present the limiter will trigger again when the threshold current is reached. The average short circuit current is limited to a safe value by the dead time introduced by the soft start network. 

The thermal overload circuit disables circuit operation when the junction temperature reaches about 150°C and has hysteresis to prevent unstable conditions.

Efficient operation at switching frequencies up to 150KHz allows a reduction in the size and cost of external filter components.

The L4960 is mounted in a plastic Heptawatt power pack, and the pinouts are shown in Figure 3 below.

Fig. 3 -  L4960 IC Heptawatt Pinout


We provide the files with the PCB, the schematic, the PDF, GERBER and JPG, PNG and provide a direct link for free download and a direct link, "MEGA".

Click on the direct link to download the files: Layout PCB, PDF, GERBER, JPG

Fig. 4 - Adjustable Switching Power Supply 5.1 to 40V, 2.5 Amp using L4960

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