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24W Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier using TDA2616 + PCB

Fig.- 24W Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier using TDA2616 + PCB

In this article, we show you how to build a simple and portable 12W + 12W audio amplifier using the TDA2616 Integrated Circuit.

The TDA2616 IC is a stereo power audio amplifier, it comes with plastic package (SOT131) single-in-line 9-lead (SIL9).

This IC is explicitly designed for mains powered amplifier circuits, such as stereo radio, instrument return box, TV sets and so on.

The TDA2616 IC has a good input gain balance on both channels in accordance with IEC 268 and DIN 45500 standards.

In addition, the TDA2616 has a special integrated circuit for the suppression of noise signals at the inputs during activation and deactivation, which avoids clicking sounds or the famous popping during circuit operation.

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  • Requires very few external components
  • No switch-on/switch-off clicks
  • Input mute during switch-on and switch-off
  • Low offset voltage between output and ground
  • Excellent gain balance of both amplifiers
  • Hi-fi in accordance with IEC 268 and DIN 45500
  • Short-circuit proof and thermal protected
  • Mute possibility.

In Figure 2 below, we show the complete 24W Stereo Audio Amplifier Circuit using TDA2616 IC, as we can see, there are few external components, which makes it easier for those who do not have much experience with assembling electronic circuits.

Fig. 2 - Schematic 24W Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier with Mute using TDA2616

Amplifier Operation 

This amplifier circuit was designed to work with a symmetrical power supply, the maximum power supply voltage is 21V, however the recommended is 16V, with this voltage, an output power of 2 × 12 W is obtained (with THD = 0 .5%) with a load of .

The mute circuit can also be activated via pin 2. When a current of 300µA is present at pin 2, the circuit is in the mute condition.

The internal gain voltage is fixed at 30dB, which allows us a stable balance between the two amplifier channels (0.2dB).

Components List

  • U1 ....................... TDA2616 Integrated circuit

  • R1, R2 ................ 8.2Ω resistor (brown, black, orange, gold)

  • C1, C2 ................ 470nF ceramic, polyester capacitor 
  • C3, C4 ................ 22nF ceramic, polyester capacitor 
  • C5, C6 ................ 2200uF / 25V electrolytic capacitor

  • P1, P2, P3, P4 .... Screw Terminal Type 5mm 2-Pin Connector
  • P5 ....................... Screw Terminal Type 5mm 3-Pin Connector
    • Others ................ PCB, tin, wires, soldering Iron, etc.


    We provide the files with the PCB, the schematic, the PDF, GERBER and JPG, PNG and provide a direct link for free download and a direct link, "MEGA".

    Fig. 3 - PCB - 3D - 24W Stereo Hi-Fi Audio Amplifier with Mute using TDA2616

    Click on the direct link to download the files: Layout PCB, PDF, GERBER, JPG

    If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections, please leave them in the comments and we will answer them soon.

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