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40W Stereo 14.4V Car Audio Power Amplifier using TDA8560Q IC + PCB

Fig. 1 - PCB 40W Stereo Car Amplifier TDA8560Q

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This is a super easy to build Stereo Car Audio Power Amplifier circuit, due to the number of external components being few, it makes this amplifier quite viable for those who want to build a power amplifier and super simple and quick to do.

The TDA8560Q is an integrated Class-B output amplifier in a 13-lead Single-In-Line (SIL) power package.

This Car Audio Amplifier Circuit gives an output power 2×40W / 2 Ω in BTL configuration. The device is primarily developed for car radio applications.  

The TDA8560Q contains two identical amplifiers and can be used for bridge applications. The gain of each amplifier is fixed at 40 dB. Special features of the device are as follows.

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Mode select switch (pin 11)

  • Standby: low supply current (<100 µA)
  • Mute: input signal suppressed
  • Operating: normal on condition.

Since this pin has a very low input current (<40 µA), a low cost supply switch can be applied. To avoid switch-on plops, it is advised to keep the amplifier in the mute mode during ≥100 ms (charging of the input capacitors at pin 1 and pin 13).

The schematic diagram of the Car Amplifier Circuit, is in Figure 2 below, it is a very simple circuit to build, with few external components, however, it is a very powerful circuit, which provides 80W in two 2 Ohms Speakers.

Fig. 2 - 40W Stereo 14.4V Car Audio Power Amplifier - IC TDA8560Q

The operating voltage of this circuit can vary between 6V to 18V DC, which opens the possibilities of use in amplifier for; Residential Sound, Car Stereo, Boombox, Computer Speaker, among other types of portable audio amplifiers ... Since it has a common power supply and low power voltage, this circuit amplifier is ideal for these purposes.

Components List

  • U1 ..................TDA8560Q Integrated Circuit
  • R1, R2, R3 .... 10K ohms - 1/8 W Resistor - (brown, black, orange, gold)
  • C1, C2 ........... 470nF Polyester Capacitor
  • C3 .................. 47uF - 35V Electrolytic capacitor 
  • C4 .................. 2200uF - 35V Electrolytic capacitor
  • C5 .................. 100nF Ceramic Capacitor
  • RP1, RP2 ....... 20K ohms Potentiometer 
  • JP1, JP2 .......... Female RCA Connectors to PCB
  • P1, P2, P3 ....... PCB Terminal Blocks
  • Others ............. Wires, Welds, Posts, PCB, Etc.

We are making available the files containing the PCB, the Schematic Diagram, the PDF, GERBER, and JPG, and providing a direct link to download for free in a direct link, "MEGA".

Direct link to download

Click in the link  to download the Files: PCB Layout, PDF, GERBER, JPG

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