Monday, September 6, 2021

1W Amplifier for Stereo Headphone using TDA2822 IC + PCB

Fig. 3 - PCB - 1W Amplifier for Stereo Headphone with IC TDA2822M

Simple headphone amplifier with few external components that is easy and inexpensive to assemble. This IC is designed for amplifying portable devices such as CD players, portable radios, small speakers, etc.

First of all, we will use it to amplify the audio signal for headphones, that is, we will build a headphone amplifier, whether to listen to music from a mobile phone, connect instruments to study, such as electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, guitar, or any other audio signal that needs to be amplified. 

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The main component is the TDA2822, a monolithic integrated circuit in an 8-pin lead  Mini-dip package. It is intended for use as a dual audio power amplifier in portable audios.


  • Dual Low-voltage power amplifier 
  • Supply voltage down to 1.8V 
  • Low crossover distortion                                
  • Low quiescent current z Bridge or stereo configuration
The maximum input voltage of this IC is 15V DC, so do not apply more than 15V to the IC. The circuit volume can be adjusted using a 47K doble potentiometer is used in the circuit.

The schematic diagram circuit of the 1W audio Amplifier for Stereo Headphone with IC TDA2822M  is shown in Figure 2 below.

Fig. 2 - 1W Amplifier for Stereo Headphone with IC TDA2822M

Material List

  • IC1 .................. Integrated Circuits TDA2822M
  • R1, R2 ............ 1/4W / 4.7Ω Resistor 
  • C1, C2 ............ 1uF - 25V Electrolytic capacitor 
  • C3, C4, C5 ..... 100uF - 25V Electrolytic Capacitor 
  • C6, C7 ............ 0.1uF Polyester capacitor
  • J1, J2 .............. 3.5mm Audio Female Jack Connector 
  • VR1 ................ 47KΩ  Double Potentiometer
  • P1 ................... Connector 2 screw terminal 5mm 2 Pins
  • Others ............ Wires, Solders, pcb, etc.

We offer for download the necessary materials for those who want to assemble with PCI - Printed Circuit Board, the files in PNG, PDF and GERBER files for those who want to send for printing.


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